National Committee for Quality Health Care (6 years); 2 Federal appointments to SBA Advisory Council; Business magazine Editor-In-Chief, National Book Award Author, National Marketing Awards, 2-Time “Professor-of-the-year,” Entrepreneurship Coach to over 900 successful businesses,

HAL ALPIAR Presents:

“Entrepreneur News Flash!”

New 3-Sunday-Night Webinar Series

March 27th, April 3rd, and April 10th 

Get the best of Hal’s innovative, business startup success coaching and entrepreneurial development experience. Bring your great idea to this interactive webinar, and get the make-it-work spark you need!

This webinar series will illuminate and incentivize your own individual entrepreneurial skills, ideas and plans. For many, the sessions (and in-between contacts) will serve as the launchpad for new products, new services and resources, new businesses, new connections . . . and help spark new thinking directions. As a Participant, you can expect personalized attention and  – in many cases— you’ll make personalized connections for your business idea pursuits.

Invest in your own entrepreneurial spirit!  Here’s the more info:

These 3 sessions have just opened up for limited enrollment. The $479 total also gets you a free digital copy of Hal’s 300-page book for entrepreneurs, filled with creative strategy/tactics thinking. (If you become a BusinessWorks client, your ACTION Webinar fee will be applied to your client coaching fee.) The fee is payable with online registration. Each Webinar Session also includes a personal (1-on-1) coaching phone call with Hal and Email focused on How to Make Your Ideas Work focused on your personal business ambitions . . .




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The next webinar has not been scheduled yet, please email me your contact info and I will notify you as soon as it is added to the schedule. Please email Hal at




Here’s a Brief Sampling of Hal Alpiar’s Business/Healthcare/Coaching/Teaching/Writing/Sports Experience

In addition to his 6 years’ service on the National Committee for Quality Health Care (now National Quality Forum) and his two 2-year federal appointments to the Small Business Association (NY/NJ/PA/VI) Regional SBA Council, Hal was Co-Founder of the Pennsylvania Heart Institute; e-Healthcare Ventures; the NYS Pharmaceutical Society Narcotics Guidance Council; and the 1st computerized pain source company: Bio-Motion of America. Hal played significant roles in the success of these organizations plus: Backpackers Spine Health Program; Delaware Sleep Disorder Center; Heits Green Clean Building Services; Life Health & Fitness Centers; Safe-Zone Wrist Braces, Network Chiropractic, Delaware Brain Injury Center; and Nutritionist’s Choice vitamins, among others. He led the full recovery of (then bankrupt) nonprofit NYC Hale House for at-risk children and abandoned infants.

Hal’s many successful and award-winning branding program experiences include: Armour Meats (“The Dog Kids Love to Bite”); Goodyear Tire & Rubber; Eastern Airlines; GE Home Appliances; Bristol-Meyers/Clairol haircare products; TWA Youth Fare (“With TWA, it pays to be young”); DORSEY Laboratories (children’s cough &  cold products featuring first marketing use of Sesame Street characters); Great Western Wine & Champagne; Plough Inc. (now Schering-Plough) for Coppertone, QT, Solarcaine, Irish Tourist Board; Playsafer Recycled Tire Rubber Playground Surfaces, Interlaken Inn & Resort, and more.

Hal’s teaching and degree background includes: BBA (Iona College); MBA (Long Island University); MA course equivalency in human development (Fairleigh Dickinson University). A graduate of the NYC School of Advertising Management and the New School for Entrepreneurs, he also won student “Professor of the Year” awards at both Pace University (2 years parttime) and Ocean County College (4 years fulltime). Hal also taught 2 years parttime at Georgian Court College, and served 2 years as Special Instructor to the US Army and to NJ State and Local Police. His “guest lecture” appearances include campuses like UCLA-Berkely; University of British Columbia –Vancouver; Princeton University; Fairleigh-Dickinson University; Alfred University; University of Delaware, and others. Hal was also Board Member/Marketing Director for (HBJ Publisher’s Guidance Associates educational A/V products/ programs for schools. He founded/ran UNcollege Management Training Center with 3 filled classes, 7-days a week for two years.  Sports?: College Crew Team, dozens of Half-Marathons, 5 years’ daily horseback riding and Jet Ski racing; 40+years of baseball and softball at 2nd Base in four different States!

Hal’s innovative custom-designed management training programs for business and healthcare organizations nationwide have engaged over 10,000 participants. He applies his 40+ years of training, coaching, and business experience to helping local/regional/national clients make their ideas work. This includes (besides healthcare practice development) boosting customer/client relations and revenues for restaurants; dealerships; agents and agencies; retailers; wholesalers; manufacturers; service providers; print and broadcast media; musicians; resorts and more. His “Healthcare track record” includes guiding the success of both patient family relations AND revenues for hospitals, Nurses, Practice Managers, ER Specialists, Cardiovascular (incl. heart/ lung transplant) Surgeons, Chiropractors, Dentists, Orthopedists, Optometrists, Veterinarians, Podiatrists, Physical Therapists, Nutritionists, Ophthalmologists, Psychiatrists, Sports Medicine Doctors, Gastroenterologists, Drug Counselors, Dieticians, Psychotherapists, Otolaryngologists, ENT’s, Audiologists, First Aid & Emergency Responders.

Hal is the author of seven books, contributor to three others, and serves on the film Advisory Board of the full-length Fanta/Sci-Fi/RomCom/Musical film: “LOVE IS…” slated for 2022-2023 production.

For additional information about Hal, his clients, writings, blogposts and link to the film website, visit